Studio Protocol is a group of proven website design and technology professionals committed to best practices in web site design, technology and branding. Our work has been an integral part of successful communication programs in industries from automotive to utilities. Studio Protocol follows a process oriented approach that keeps the user's needs in focus while driving business solutions. We create the front end, while developing the back end, of end-to-end solutions through our expertise in Brand Development, User Interface Engineering, Graphic Website Design and Production Services.
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We start with an assessment of your company's market position and brand identity. Using these results, we map where your company aspires to be. We deliver a Strategy Protocol Document, which details our findings about your target audience, clarifies Website Design objectives and ultimately guides the architecture of the site. We create sites that are unique to your brand, user centered, innovative and easy to build. Our goal is to conceive a big idea and communicate it memorably and effectively in a way that is consistent with a client's strategy and objectives. Our philosophy is to combine custom-built components with the Information Architecture, Website Design and Search Engine Optimization SEO in a manner that responds easily to evolving user, business and technology requirements. We focus on quality assurance while producing all necessary graphics and interactive multimedia components. Through our Search Engine Optimization experiences, we have learned that offering web site hosting is an important step in the process for each of our clients. Maintaining a site that we have developed affords the client easy access to us and their product.
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At Studio Protocol, one of our strengths is our flexibility to work with you on a variety of different projects. Whether it be creative, technical or online marketing, we have created, developed and managed all types of engagements.
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Search Engine Optimization SEO is more than adding tags that contain the keywords deemed important. SEO is as much art as science when analyzing and applying the techniques needed to increase your company's PageRank (with Google, for instance).